Stability with a perspective

In many countries a feeling of political unrest and economic uncertainty is spreading. Especially in times of uncertainty, we provide a safe haven for your assets – and thus a feeling of well-being for you.





Good reasons to place your trust in us:

  • Membership in the EEA but not in the EU
  • Economic, customs and currency union with Switzerland
  • Not a member of the European Banking Union
  • Swiss franc as legal tender
  • Stability of the banks and the banking centre
  • AAA country rating
  • High degree of political continuity and stability
  • One of only five countries worldwide without national debt
  • Solid financial policy
  • Liberal economic policies
  • Liberal company law
  • International recognition thanks to a modern network of tax treaties

We would be happy to discuss these and other reasons as part of a personal conversation – at one of our events or at the exclusive ‘adviser days’ held by Raiffeisen Privatbank Liechtenstein. You can see in our event calendar when exactly we will be in your area.

Or you can arrange a non-binding advisory appointment via telephone on +423 237 07 07 or via email to