Everything you need to know about investor protection

As per January 3rd 2018, based on European directives and regulations, the regulator has enacted new laws for the business in securities markets.

Your benefit out of this: higher regulatory standards in investment advisory - e.g. concerning the test on suitability of products for certain clients -, increased transparancy in execution of transactions as Sell as enhanced consumer protection standards. Due to these changes a number of contracts and general terms and conditions have to be amended by the above date. Furthermore banks follow high diligence standards in conducting their business. They are required to inform their clients in detail about services and products. We delightfully obey this requirement. The following explanations refer to all securities relaxed services and business on this web appearance. They should be considered before any investment decision.

Not an offer

The information on this website is provided purely for marketing purposes. It should be viewed neither as an offer nor as an invitation to make an offer. If you are interested in entering into a contract please arrange an advisory meeting at which we will be glad to furnish you with further information.

Tax Treatment

All details of the tax treatment of capital investments relate to the currently-prevailing legal framework and are formulated in abstract terms. The actual tax treatment of a given client depends on his or her personal circumstances and the prevailing legal framework and may be subject to future change. Raiffeisen Privatbank Liechtenstein cannot offer any guarantee of the maintenance of the current legal framework.


Where individual web pages give details of the past performance of financial products this does not allow any conclusions to be drawn concerning future performance. Forecasts of future performance represent non-binding simulations only, from which no reliable inferences as to actual future performance can be drawn, because the future development of capital markets cannot be predicted in advance. All performance details relate to gross performance, and this may be affected by costs such as commission, fees and other remuneration.

Exchange Rate Fluctuations

In the case of figures quoted in a foreign currency the result may be influenced in either direction by exchange rate fluctuations.

Potential Inconsistency

The information published on the Internet is consistent with any other Raiffeisen Privatbank Liechtenstein information which we disclose to our clients during the same period on the same investment services, financial instruments and indices.


Your satisfaction and your feedback are important to us.
We are pleased to have you as our client. We want to sustain this trust by providing transparent and diligent services. Despite this high expectation we put in ourselves, mistakes cannot be fully ruled out. To be able to solve such occasions to your satisfaction, please get in touch with us. This is how you can reach us by phone/directly:

Phone: + 423 237 07 07

You can also direct a complaint to your personal relationship manager - directly or to beschwerde@raiffeisen.li

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Date: June 2018
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